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Looking into Nursing Homes? Ignore These 6 Myths

Years ago, few people moved to nursing homes willingly. Often cold and sterile, these medical care facilities became saddled with negative reputations. Unfortunately, many of the myths around nursing homes remain in circulation today, despite the fact that things have changed considerably.

If you’re searching for Concord New Hampshire nursing homes, you should know about some of the false rumors you’re likely to encounter — along with the truth about the nursing home of modern times.

Myth 1: They’re Like Hospitals

Nursing homes do provide skilled nursing and medical care, but they are significantly different than hospitals. Today, nursing homes offer warm, inviting environments that include the comforts of home, and they provide a wide array of recreational and social activities. Mental, social and physical stimulation are important components of most modern nursing homes.

Myth 2: You Don’t Have Choices

More nursing homes are implementing person-centered care models, which give residents a voice in the decisions that affect them on a daily basis, such as when they eat and bathe. Honoring residents’ preferences and dignity are priorities in most modern nursing homes.

Myth 3: The Food Is Bad

The newer person-centered model of care extends to an area that’s critically important to most people: eating. In many nursing homes, residents now are able to eat when they want and even choose among several venues. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services supplies nursing homes with guidelines for preparing nutritious food that residents like.

Myth 4: The Care Is Subpar

Unfortunately, a few bad apples have spoiled the bunch when it comes to perceptions of care provided in nursing homes. In most modern nursing homes, well-qualified and well-trained personal attendants care for residents around the clock. All nursing homes are subject to unscheduled reviews by state agencies.

Myth 5: You Have No Privacy

In today’s nursing home, you have options, including whether you reside in private or shared accommodations. Nursing staff members, other residents and visitors alike will respect your privacy when you are in your room, and those who wish to socialize have plenty of common spaces available. Residents always have a right to privacy and a right to keep their personal property as long as it does not infringe on someone else’s rights, safety or health.

Myth 6: There’s No Difference Between Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are not at all what they used to be. They’re now much more reminiscent of home, and they provide opportunities for fulfilling activities and social interactions with friends and loved ones.

But not all nursing homes are alike. Concord nursing home quality can differ in myriad ways — including dining, quality of care, activities, staffing and others. In addition, some nursing homes are part of a continuing care retirement community like Havenwood Heritage Heights, which offers a range of care levels.

Over the past decade, nursing homes have improved significantly and offer residents the opportunity for a meaningful, vibrant lifestyle. If you’re looking into nursing homes in New Hampshire for yourself or for a loved one, be sure to visit and ask questions to ensure that you fully benefit from the many advances and improvements of recent years.

By Mike Wall

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