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Ed & Ruby’s Havenwood History

There aren’t many people with more history tied to Havenwood Heritage Heights than Ed & Ruby Bartlett.  In 1956 their first house as a married couple was right on the site that is now our Administration Building. Ruby’s uncle actually owned much of the land surrounding the house and sold it to Havenwood Heritage Heights. Like many of our residents, […]

5 Pool Exercises for Seniors

Research has found that seniors who regularly participate in water exercise enjoy an increase in their agility, flexibility and strength, along with health benefits like better levels of total cholesterol. And the unique qualities of water — namely resistance and buoyancy — can provide you with an ideal workout while minimizing stress on aching joints, muscles and […]

6 Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

If you’re looking for a relaxing, gentle form of exercise that provides multiple health benefits, we think you’ll love Tai Chi. As a type of “internal” martial art, Tai Chi focuses on integrating the mental and spiritual self into physical movement. Here at Havenwood Heritage Heights, we’re proud of our Tai Chi program. If you’re visiting Concord, New […]

Adventure Series & Bucket Lists!

If you hear “retirement community” and think it’s all bingo and knitting mittens…you may want to think again (though don’t get us wrong, who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo?!).  However, we’ve found that our residents tend to be a bit on the adventurous side.  When it comes to traveling and experiencing new things, they […]


“What a wonderful place to enjoy retirement living.”

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