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16 Sponsorships and Counting!

Meet Bill Morrill. He first came by Havenwood Heritage Heights to meet a friend and later returned to live at the community after being impressed by another resident’s testimony of their experience at HHH. He says, “it’s a culture we have here. It’s always upbeat, everybody is friendly.”  Bill is a part of HHH’s sponsorship […]

7 Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

For most people, summer means fun of all flavors: cookouts, sporting events, beach trips, sightseeing and more. But for seniors, intense sun and extremely hot temperatures can pose serious risks. As we age, our ability to sweat declines and the chance of dangerous dehydration increases. To stay safe during the dog days of summer, consider […]

Why Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

Did you hear the one about Fred and Bertha? Fred woke up one morning and remembered he’d proposed to his date, Bertha, the night before. But he couldn’t remember her answer, so he rang her up. “Hi, Bertha!” said Fred. “Do you remember me proposing last night?” “Oh, thank goodness!” Bertha exclaimed. “I knew I’d […]

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Forgiveness

At some point in our lives, we all experience the deep sense of betrayal that comes from someone we love hurting us, whether through words or deeds. It’s our response, though, that determines how those wounds heal in the long term. Unkind words or actions can leave lingering feelings of anger or even a desire […]


“This comfortable, relaxed setting among garden-style cottages reached out and drew us in.”

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