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Year at a Glance – 2016

Time flies when your having fun at the hippest retirement community in the universe. Please join me as we review many of the special moments at Havenwood Heritage Heights during 2016.

How to Stay Active This Winter

If winter weather is making you rethink your commitment to exercising outdoors, consider that by staying active you may ward off weight gain, increase your immunity, and keep aches and pains at bay. There’s no doubt that for seniors, continuing an exercise program becomes more of a challenge as winter’s chill sets in. But, by […]

3 Ways Art Therapy Can Improve Mental and Physical Health for Seniors

Painting and sculpture may seem like nothing more than enjoyable hobbies to help pass time, but for many senior citizens facing memory loss, stress  and chronic pain, art therapy can be the key to better mental and physical health. The use of artistic activities in a therapeutic setting can help promote mental clarity and physical dexterity […]


“This comfortable, relaxed setting among garden-style cottages reached out and drew us in.”

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