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50th Year Celebration Begins with a very Special Quilt Unveiling Ceremony

So come along for the ride this year as it will be a year of celebration and a compilation of special events many of which will be very ceremonial. We’ll start with the unveiling of the 50th anniversary quilt made by our resident Carolyn Kelley. You will be “blown away” when you see this quilt […]

A Look Back at the Last Fifty Years: 1966 – 2016

From great advancements in science to historic elections and triumphs of the human spirit, the past years have offered some incredible moments that have left indelible marks on history. Even after decades, these events still have the ability to inspire and captivate the imagination as they present real-life examples of what human ingenuity, hard work, and valor can […]

Ways to Reduce Stress and Find Balance as You Age

Many people assume that retirement is one big vacation, with few responsibilities and plenty of time to kick back. But the truth is, everyone experiences aging differently, and seniors face their share of tension in the present and anxiety about the future. Enjoying the current moment isn’t always easy, even when you no longer report […]


Now we can spend time doing what we want to do, not what we have to do.

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