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With So Many Options for Senior Care, How Do You Figure Out What You Need?

If you or a family member has begun exploring the different options for senior care, it’s important you do plenty of research to find the type of care that works best. Each person is different and that means that not every option will work to fit your needs and lifestyle. With so many great options available to seniors in the New Hampshire area, the process can be a bit confusing at first. Luckily, with a few expert tips and a simple guide, you and your family can easily explore all of your senior care options to find the perfect fit!

What Are the Different Types of Senior Care Options?

Independent Living

Independent living communities are designed to bring together individuals and senior couples who are able to look after themselves without the need for regular medical or in-home care. In these independent living community, seniors have many opportunities to get to know other seniors their age who may also share similar interests. They are a great first step between assisted living and can be helpful when seniors decide they no longer want the full responsibilities associated with owning a home.

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities can range from small, single homes with just a few residents to large, multi-building complexes. Typically, an assisted living facility gives seniors access to on-site medical or nursing care, recreation centers and more. In some cases, assisted living facilities may specialize in certain types of care, catering to residents living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

In-Home Care

In-home care is another option that works well to meet the needs of busy families that may not be able to devote themselves to caring for their senior family members due to work or school obligations. In this situation, an in-home caregiver can spend all or part of the day assisting your loved one. They are typically trained to provide medical attention and may help with daily chores, etc.

Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Care

Nursing homes are ideal for seniors who require access to 24-hour care provided by registered nurses and physicians. Nursing homes can typically accommodate most patients for long-term care, regardless of their age or specific medical condition. They are a good fit for those who have serious medical conditions but, in some cases, they may not have the tools to care for patients who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Temporary Care or Day Care

If a person only needs access to care during part of the day, a senior day care center may be a good fit. Senior day care facilities typically offer outpatient care in addition to senior social activities and other amenities. They are ideal for anyone who may need to bridge the gap with temporary assistance in between evening and weekend care.

Continuing Care Communities

Continuing care retirement communities are designed to offer residents many, or all, of the care options detailed above. They typically provide residents with options that include outpatient day medical care, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, nursing home care, hospice care and more. This option serves as a great long-term care solution and are created with adaptability in mind so seniors can continue living a full and happy life as they age.

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, we are happy to offer a comfortable setting where community members can live independently while knowing that help is always here when you need it. With years of experience helping seniors find the best option to fit their needs, we’re happy to help you and your family along the way as well.

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