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Havenwood Heritage Heights’ Delectable Dining Services

Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet is an important responsibility that we all must pay attention to as we age. With the help of a balanced diet, seniors are better able to maintain a healthy weight, get the nutrients they need and keep their energy up. Additionally, eating healthier means that you can easily lower your risk of developing common chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Did you know that 1 in 4 older Americans is living with poor nutrition? The are many health risks associated with poor nutrition or malnutrition and both can make it much easier for seniors to become underweight or overweight. Additionally, poor nutrition often results in weakened muscles and bones, leaving seniors much more vulnerable to common diseases.

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, we are dedicated to ensuring our residents have every opportunity to enjoy foods that are rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals and other essential nutrients. With a number of different dining options to choose from, we also hope to help eliminate or reduce the number of unhealthy food options that are available to our residents. This means that we work hard to create meals plans which help to limit foods that are high in salt, saturated and trans fats and processed sugars. Whether you choose to eat in one of our many dining rooms or you’d like the option of taking your meals to-go, we want to make sure you have plenty of healthy options to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Bon Appétit: Explore the Array of Dining Services Available at Havenwood Heritage Heights

Worry-free dining is one of the greatest amenities that we offer here at our continuing care retirement community. With so many different dining options to choose from, we make it easy for our residents to enjoy access to tasty and healthy meals that require zero work on your end! Our experienced and highly-skilled food-services staff is here to do all the meal preparation work for you. We serve up buffet style dinners, casual breakfasts and lunches, special themed meals and much more. Additionally, we make it easy to reserve the Great Room on both of our campuses, so that you can enjoy private dining for all of your special occasions.

Heritage Heights – Barrows Dining Room

This is our go-to dining spot for lunch and dinner! Here residents will find our self-service serving area that features a salad bar, hot food bar, soups and desserts. In the full-service area of the dining room, we also offer a grill and sandwich station, where we’ll help you create the perfect sandwich.

You’ll also find our popular cook-to-order/demo station, an ice cream counter and hot daily specials here. Pair your meal with your choice of beverage including hot drinks like tea and coffee, juices, water and sodas. The special “Grab and Go” snack area typically offers a number of fast meal and snack solutions with easy food items like pre-made salads, fruits, chips and an assortment of beverages.

There is ample seating in the main dining room, with plenty of room for small and large groups. Or you can choose to take your meal outside on the patio, which features a modern fire pit – making it a great dining choice for warm summer evenings. You can expect a comfortable, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere at meal times and plenty of help choosing the healthiest meal options available.

The Barrows Dining Room is open for service Monday through Friday from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Saturdays for lunch from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm and Sundays for brunch from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Havenwood – Main Street Café

Everyone loves dining at The Main Street Café! This special cash-only dining option is intended to help feed our residents, their guests and our staff members too. Here you’ll find several different dining options including a fun make your own salad bar, homemade soups, assorted sandwiches, grilled menu items and of course, a variety of different dessert options.

The Café is warm, welcoming and very casual – making it an ideal spot to grab a quick bite and chat with your friends. Residents and their guests can choose to enjoy their meals in the main dining area or take their snacks outside on the deck and patio when the weather is nice.

The Main Street Café is open daily for breakfast from 8:00 am to 9:00 am and dinner from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Additionally, you can stop in for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Havenwood – The Four Seasons Dining Room

The Four Seasons Dining Room is our restaurant-style dining room that features breakfast, dinner and supper menus. Here you will find classic table services with a rotating menu. Bright, attractive and relaxed, this dining room features a very welcoming and inviting atmosphere that is great for everything from a good catch-up to more serious conversations with family and friends.

Breakfast is served daily at 7:30 am, Dinner at Noon and Supper at 5:00 pm.

Havenwood Lodge Assisted Living

Available as part of our assisted living program, we provide breakfast, lunch and dinner in the LAL dining area. Here residents can enjoy an enhanced dining experience, where they are encouraged to take advantage of healthy on-site meal services. This dining area also features a complete kitchen, which is available for resident use.

Health Services Center

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also offered in our skilled nursing facility. You’ll find a select menu here that promises to give residents a wide range of rotating meal options, snack and drink choices. The stocked pantries are available 24 hours a day, with access to a point-of-service coffee kiosk as well. Get hungry between meals? Don’t worry! We also offer mid-evening snacks in the Health Services Center.

Don’t Forget to Check Out Our Special Dining Services Events and Programs

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, we believe that meal time should not only feature a wide selection of delicious and nutritious dishes but it should be fun as well! We want to make sure that our residents are enjoying themselves at every meal. That is just one of the reasons why we feature a number of special dining events and programs for you to check out each month!

Theme Meals

Having a bit of fun can be just as healthy for your body and mind as a nourishing meal. So why not combine the best of both worlds at one of our fantastic theme meal events? Our themed meals are served once each month in all of our dining locations. We feature a new theme each month, giving our residents the perfect opportunity to try out new recipes and food items.

Bistro Dinners

Our special bistro dinners are also served once a month and are designed to give our residents the perfect excuse to dress up and indulge a bit! Served in the Four Seasons Dining Room, these special four-course meals with prix fixe pricing feature an array of upscale culinary menu items served in a quaint bistro-style setting. While the menu changes often, some of the more popular menu items that you may find at our bistro dinners include steak and lobster, mushroom risotto, seared scallops, lamb chops, homemade cheesecakes and more!

Tuxedo Penguin Caterers

Planning a special event and want to take the task of cooking off of your own plate? Well, the Tuxedo Penguin Caterers are here to help! This dynamic team of professional chefs and cooks have been serving the residents at Havenwood Heritage Heights since 2005. Offering full-service catering, they are happy to provide catering and event planning assistance to all of our residents. Operating out of our very own kitchens here on campus, they are able to prepare a variety of cuisines that are suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner services.

The Tuxedo Penguin Caterers are happy to help plan all of your special events! This experienced and friendly team is available for everything from simple lunches, to holiday celebrations and corporate events. They also offer their professional catering services to everyone here at Havenwood Heritage Heights, including residents, staff and outside organizations. Residents may choose to hire their services for events on-site in any one of our function rooms or work with their expert team to help host events in the comfort of your home or at other locations off premise.

Learn More About Our Exceptional Dining Program Today

Access to a healthy and balanced diet is extremely important for seniors as they settle into their golden years. Whether you have special dietary needs or you are simply looking to eat better, we make it easy to enjoy access to a variety of different culinary experiences. From casual on-the-go snacks to Sunday brunch and evening suppers, there are a wealth of choices to enjoy on both of our campuses. But we understand better than anyone that your dining routine needs to be shaken up every once in a while! That’s why we work hard to feature a number of special dining experiences and events each month as well.

With so many amazing dining experiences to choose from here, it is no wonder our residents love calling our continuing care retirement community home. Our mission is to always provide nutritious meals and services that exceed the expectations and satisfaction levels of our residents, their visitors and staff members. All of our meals are prepared and served in a safe and sanitary environment by highly-trained, courteous and caring food-service professionals.

Are you interested in learning more about life here at Havenwood Heritage Heights? Discover the difference that access to nutritious and delicious meals can make in your daily life! Contact us today to learn more about our continuing care retirement community in Concord, NH and schedule a tour.

By Mike Wall


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