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Today’s Reflection

I think this might be a good prayer for the front of our refrigerators at home. Print out for yourself! For Our Time Off – Adapted from n. Reynolds Let us take rest from Zooming. Let us leave our inboxes sacredly full. Let us step away from the noises of keyboard clicks, resident needs, and […]

Blessing for Healthcare Workers

A Blessing for Healthcare Workers in a Time of Pandemic Blessed are the ones who cannot be isolated. Blessed are the nurses, social workers, LNAs, MNAs, therapists, housekeeping, finance, chaplains, administrative and maintenance staff. Blessed are the hands that are raw from scrubbing and sanitizing, the palms that glisten with oil of healing. Blessed are […]

Today’s Reflection with Reverend Joel

I invite you to pause for a moment to breathe and center yourself in this moment here and now. Letting go of the days of this week past and, for the time being, suspending thoughts about the tasks to do and needs to attend to today and the days to come. Remember again for a […]

Prototype to Production, Protective & Reusable Gowns

Please join us as our CEO Mike Palmieri tours us through the medical Johnny gown alteration assembly Area. During this video tour You will notice sewing machines, sewing patterns, gown & sleeves packaging as well as the assembly process. The goal of the assembly process is the provide front line staff with an additional source […]

Earth Day Reflection

Good Morning All, On this fiftieth Earth Day we reflect on the awareness more present now than ever of how interconnected we all are in this our common home. And there are few places on earth right now that are not under the same cloud of fear and uncertainty as we are. I find in […]

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is Holocaust Remembrance day. Let us open our hearts to their memory. Below you will find a song for your reflection today. The words are written by Hannah Szenes, some of her story is below. Hannah Szenes (Senesh) (July 17, 1921 – November 7, 1944) was a Hungarian Jew who emigrated to Israel in […]

Prototyping a More Comfortable Mask

Please join us for Thursday’s Coronavirus update with our CEO Mike Palmieri. Mike is working with residents with skills in sewing, quilting and needlepoint to produce in house prototype cone shaped masks, which staff will wear tomorrow for evaluation. Stay tune for tomorrows update to hear those results.

Staying Home, Staying In Touch

Hello Mike, Thank you and all of the amazing people who work at HHH for showing up every day and providing loving care to our loved ones – Leo & Gloria Van Beaver. At a time of such uncertainty with the COVID-19 situation, we have tremendous peace in knowing that Leo and Gloria are being […]

Reflection and Intention

This is a reflection and intention is from Joanna Macy who is a Buddhist teacher. She invites us to be aware of the future that is living inside us and to boldly love into the generations coming behind us. I think of all of you who are nurturing the next generation and the next in […]

Forest Bathing

Please join us for some special outdoor moments with Rev. Kimberly Wootan


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