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What to Do If Your Spouse Needs More Care

Older couple in the parkOftentimes as people age, transitioning to a new residence, especially one with specific care options and assisted support can be a must. But what happens when you and your spouse need a different level of care?

Spouses with different levels of care can run into a challenging time if they are not prepared to deal with all aspects of the transition. Living in different residences may be necessary depending on the health care needed. There are several things to consider during this time.

This article will cover the important things to consider when going through this time and these decisions. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about spouses with different levels of care.

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How Do I Know When My Partner Needs More Support?

If taking care of your wife or husband becomes too stressful or too much to handle, this is a good indication your partner may need more support. For example, you may find your partner has trouble bathing, getting dressed, or remembering where they are. 

Over time, caring for someone with more advanced needs can physically and emotionally take a toll on you. When you begin to suffer from caregiver burnout is when you should seriously consider getting your partner the support they need.

Can We Still Live Together?

If your spouse needs more advanced care, living apart might be something to consider. Relocating your spouse to a senior living facility may be necessary if the facility has the equipment and staff to support your partner’s care needs. While you wouldn’t be able to live together, you can frequently visit your spouse. And you can rest easy knowing they are getting the care they need to be happy and healthy.  

This type of separation, however, can be hard for both partners. Luckily there are other care options that allow you to live together.

In-Home Help

In-home help can alleviate the burden of care for one partner, making it more manageable to live together at home. An in-home care specialist can help with chores, feeding, dressing, medication management, and more. However, overtime in-home help can be costly and it may financially make sense to relocate to a senior living community. 

Moving Into a CCRC

One of the biggest benefits of moving to a CCRC, or continuing care retirement community, is that both you and your spouse can live in the same community even if you require different levels of care. While you won’t be able to share the same living quarters, you are never far from each other and daily visits are easy.

For example, one partner may live in the independent living community while another lives in a memory care unit. Both get the individualized support they need to thrive.

Another benefit of living in a CCRC is that neither spouse has to worry about relocating to a new community in the future when their needs change. Partners can make a permanent home at a CCRC. They can live in a place that feels comfortable and familiar, which can help them achieve their social, emotional, or physical goals.

Choose Havenwood Heritage Heights for Advanced Care

Ultimately, there may come a time when you and your spouse need to live in separate residences. This does not exactly mean you can’t continue having an intimate and loving relationship with your spouse, though. It also doesn’t mean that you can’t visit them regularly and participate in activities with them.

Our Care Management Department can help you and your spouse determine which care setting will meet each of your needs. Download our Care Management Brochure to learn about how our team can assist you as you begin to explore senior living options.

If you want more information on choosing the proper community, support, and other details about spouses with different levels of care, contact us online or call 800-457-6833.

By Mike Wall


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