Whenever you make a big move in life, it’s a good idea to take a look at which items in your home are necessities and which items can be donated. While there’s no question that moving into a continuing care retirement community can be an exciting, but sometimes stressful, process, downsizing can actually be very beneficial. In fact, letting go of the items you no longer use can give you a sense of relief! If you’ve been thinking about downsizing or simply doing a bit of seasonal cleaning, now is the time to build your momentum and begin the process!

Top 6 Downsizing Tips for Seniors

1. Plan Ahead

If a move is in your near future, it’s best to start working sooner rather than later. Get an idea of the size difference between your current home and your new space. A floor plan will help you to determine how much furniture you’ll need and what kind of storage space you’ll have. Next, get out your calendar and set goals for each week, gathering friends and family to help you go through spare rooms, closets and more.

2. Make a List

Creating lists to help keep the downsizing process organized and flowing is a must. Sit down and write out a list of important possessions that you wish to keep, items that can be given away to family members, anything that you’d like to donate to charity and which items should be tossed. Make your list while sitting down in a comfortable spot and avoid going from room to room. If there’s an item that was left off of your list, you won’t miss it when you move!

3. Start with the Unsentimental Items First

Sometimes it’s best to ease into the downsizing process, so go ahead and toss out those old dishes and kitchen appliances first. Typically, the garage, kitchen and washrooms are the easiest places to begin your work. Once you get the ball rolling, you may be surprised how much you’re willing to let go when you move on to the bedrooms and living areas.

4. Make Fast Decisions

Spending a great deal of time determining what to keep and what should go can really slow you down. If you find yourself hesitating quite often, take a moment to think about the purpose of each item. Simply pick an item up and ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy?” If it doesn’t, then it can be set aside.

5. Don’t Get Rid of Things Immediately

You don’t need to go through your house and start throwing things away without rhyme or reason. As you go through a room, set items aside and out of sight. Then see how you are able to get along without them for a few days or so. You may just be surprised at how little you notice their absence. If that is the case, you know you made the right decision to let them go.

6. Try Not to Trash Items

Instead of simply loading up a truck and taking your unwanted items to the landfill, try to donate or recycle as much as you can. This will not only help those in need but you’ll feel much better about letting things go when you know someone else will get good use out of them. Downsizing doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. In fact, it can be a fun and liberating process as you celebrate the possessions that mean a lot to you and say goodbye to the ones that no longer serve a purpose in your life.

Start the Downsizing Process Today

Now that you’ve got the tools you need, it’s the perfect time to start downsizing in your own home! Havenwood Heritage Heights offers various living options to fit your needs. Our community provides maintenance assistance and more so you can take advantage of your golden years in beautiful Concord, NH.

To help with the anticipation of downsizing your belongings, HHH offers future residents a service through All in the Details Interior Design to assist in making the big decisions. When moving into a smaller space, a common question becomes, where am I going to fit all my stuff? All in the Details helps make the hard decisions when it comes to your belongings (what do you keep, donate or store) and helps lay out a plan to arrange furniture, decorate and more to make your new space a home.

Interested in more great lifestyle tips for seniors? Check out our blog or contact us online for more information about life at Havenwood Heritage Heights.