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There’s an energy and sense of community at Havenwood Heritage Heights that can’t be described.

Havenwood Heritage Heights is truly unlike any other independent living retirement community you will find. Many of our Concord Independent Living residents say that they felt something unique when they first visited our New Hampshire independent living home – an energy and sense of community that can’t be described.

As much as we would love to take full credit, we know that it’s our wonderful residents who’ve made Havenwood Heritage Heights the welcoming and vibrant retirement community it is today. You won’t find a more fun-loving group of people than the residents here at Havenwood Heritage Heights.

Independent Living at Havenwood Heritage Heights gives you the freedom to truly enjoy your retirement without having to worry about the yard work, home maintenance, and other time consuming chores that come with home ownership. Does the driveway need snow shoveling? Leave that to us as you read a book by the fire.

We are adding newly constructed one-, two-, and three-bedroom cottages to our community! Learn more and reserve yours today > 

Our Concord Independent Living Facilities.

Havenwood Heritage Heights is made up of our two campuses, Havenwood and Heritage Heights. Our retirement community has the feel of a quaint and peaceful New England village, and the convenience of being only minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Concord, NH. Our Havenwood campus and our Heritage Heights campus are located only one mile apart, off I-393, with the beach and mountains nearby.

As a Concord, NH Continuing Care Retirement Community, we provide you with a setting where you can live independently but feel comfortable that we have all your future needs covered. At Havenwood Heritage Heights, independent living residents choose from a wide range of beautiful and unique floor plans on our Havenwood and Heritage Heights campuses, including our North End cottages. You’ll have no trouble finding a new home that fits you perfectly. To explore both campuses and view our floor plans, visit our tour page.

Independent Living Amenities

Independent living residents love our award-winning Main Street, which includes a boutique, library, game room, ice cream parlor and movie theatre. We also offer a range of dining options on campus prepared by our award-winning chefs, so you never have to cook when you don’t want to.

Whether your idea of a perfect day is hiking to the top of a mountain, or reading a book in a rocking chair is more your speed, we’ve got something for everyone. We have activities, social events, clubs, and trips for seniors of all kinds. Your retirement can be as relaxing or exciting as you choose!

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“This comfortable, relaxed setting among garden-style cottages reached out and drew us in.”

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Cost of Independent Living in Concord, NH

For older adults who want to retire in an active community of like-minded people, the independent living price tends to be a driving consideration about whether to transition. Weighing the financial aspects is something that older adults and their families should consider. 

The biggest factor that influences the price of independent living is the floorplan you choose. At Heritage Havenwood Heights, residents can pay anywhere from $1,480 to $4,505 depending on whether they choose a studio apartment or a single-family home with a garage and basement. We offer a range of living options that match a variety of budgets and price points. 

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, independent living within reach, especially when you compare the costs of our community to the cost of independent living in New Hampshire, which averages more than $3,500. Our independent living prices align more with the national independent living average, which ranges from $1,700 to $6,000. One reason New Hampshire independent living costs are so high is because of location. New Hampshire is a beautiful place to retire, full of history, culture, and arts. Residents at Havenwood Heritage Heights benefit from all New Hampshire has to offer at a far more affordable cost. 

It’s also important to point out that the cost of independent living includes so much more than just housing. Independent living pricing also includes amenities and services that make a significant quality of life difference. Convenient on-site perks such as fitness centers, a swimming pool, walking trails, woodworking workshops, arts and crafts, as well as health and wellness programs, among others, are lifestyle benefits that are included in the cost of living. There are all things you would pay a premium for otherwise. When adding in these and other conveniences, the cost of independent living at Havenwood Heritage Heights has tremendous value. 

To put the cost of an independent living community in perspective, it makes sense to compare the cost compared to homeownership. The national average for a monthly mortgage alone stands above $2,000, with New Hampshire at just over $1,900. This does not take into account the additional costs of property taxes, utilities, homeowners insurance, and the cost of ongoing maintenance and repairs. When you add up all of the costs associated with a house, independent living proves far more cost-efficient in terms of base expenses.

Some of the common ways people pay for independent living include reverse mortgages, renting out their property, selling their home, or drawing from retirement savings. In terms of getting good value, independent living can lower monthly expenses in many cases, all while improving quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between independent living and assisted living?

Independent living communities are perfect for seniors who are able to complete their daily tasks, such as getting ready, without any assistance from staff. This type of senior living community is suited for residents who are able to live independently while taking advantage of the convenient benefits of living within a retirement neighborhood.

Assisted living communities are designed for seniors who need additional support from staff members when going about their daily care activities, medication supervision, meal preparation, bathing, etc. Seniors within this program are able to maintain a sense of independence and enjoy the community benefits as they receive the assistance they need.

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