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COVID Update

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, the health, wellness and safety of our residents is our number one priority. While New Hampshire nursing homes, and other senior living communities across the nation, are learning how to live in the “new normal,” we are proud to keep our community residents and families updated with COVID-19-related videos featuring the […]

Capitol Region Food Program

The Capital Region Food Program (CRFP) thanks Havenwood Heritage Heights (HHH) for it’s many years of supporting the mission of the Capital Region Food Program. Because of individuals and organizations like Havenwood Heritage Heights, we have been able to successfully continue our efforts in fulfilling our mission to help reduce hunger in the Greater Concord […]

Administrators Chat

Please join us for September’s Administrators Chat hosted be Jane Poitras and Felicia Gennetti

Retirement Wellness Tips: How to Stay Physically and Mentally Active

Maintaining good wellness habits is crucial at all ages, giving us the energy and health to accomplish all we can. In retirement, it’s no different: Keeping up with positive health habits empowers you to keep up with active schedules, helping you enjoy your retirement even more.But what does positive wellness look like, exactly? Here are […]

What are the 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease?

When you or someone you love is struggling with memory and thinking, it’s understandable to worry about developing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. So, what are warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease, and how do you differentiate between those signs and ordinary forgetfulness?  #1: Memory Problems That Interfere with Daily Life Nearly 40% of people over age […]

Mike Palmieri Introduces Felicia Gennetti

Havenwood Heritage Heights is always looking for ways to better serve the residents and families of their continuing care retirement community. Of course, the most important issues at Havenwood Heritage Heights involves the COVID-19 pandemic. While the numbers in New Hampshire have stabilized, the virus is still around us. Therefore, it is critical for everyone […]

Tribute to America

Please join us for a Fourth of July tribute to America. This 50 minute video tribute features several reenactments of historical turning point in America’s history. You will love the costumes and notice the pride staff demonstrate while reenacting famous moments of our nation’s history. Also for your enjoyment, a side to the story of […]

Weekend Worship

UCC Worship with the Council of Conference Ministers Your chaplains are taking a week off creating worship once a month for this summer. We will be offering worship services from a variety of our mainline religious communities of which you are affiliated. The first will be a worship service designed by the Council of Conference […]

Outdoor Concerts

Please join us for the Brain Kugel band and Lucus Gallo as they perform for HHH staff and residents.

Haircut Parody

Please join CEO Mike Palmieri and Director of Development Lee White for some fun as they perform a COVID haircut parody with several staff.

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