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Looking into Nursing Homes? Ignore These 6 Myths

Years ago, few people moved to nursing homes willingly. Often cold and sterile, these medical care facilities became saddled with negative reputations. Unfortunately, many of the myths around nursing homes remain in circulation today, despite the fact that things have changed considerably. If you’re searching for Concord New Hampshire nursing homes, you should know about […]

A Havenwood Heritage Heights Love Story

Jim and Barbara Batten found a supportive community—and each other. After Barbara’s husband passed away two years ago, she was ready to downsize from their house in Bow where they had raised their three daughters. She chose a bright, new cottage in the North End of the Heritage Heights campus for herself. Barbara says, “I moved […]

5 Winter Slip and Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

As New Hampshire residents, we’re no stranger to harsh winter weather conditions and we know a “wintery mix” all too well.  As beautiful as our snowy New England winters can be, they sometimes create icy conditions that can lead to slips and falls if the right steps aren’t taken…literally. If you’ve ever watched children playing […]

New Hampshire Winter Workouts Require Precautions

If you live in or near Concord, New Hampshire, you know that it can get a tad chilly here in the winter. That’s an understatement, of course; with an average January low of 10 degrees Fahrenheit and 18 inches of snow, Concord in the wintertime is not for the faint of heart. Frigid temperatures and icy […]