Senior Programs in Concord

Live live to the fullest

Enjoy more opportunities for fun and adventure

With the time you’ll gain from your maintenance-free residence and so many newfound friends to spend it with, the possibilities are endless. At our active adult senior community, you’ll find a warm, diverse group of individuals who will welcome you to join in the activities they love—or invite you to try something new.

No matter where you live at Havenwood Heritage Heights, you’ll have access to all of the amenities on both campuses, including multiple dining options, ample opportunities for fitness and other senior living activities. Plus, all of the arts, culture and shopping opportunities of downtown Concord are only minutes away. Since we’re between the White Mountains and the beach, you’ll never have to go far to find adventure!

Enjoy World-Class Dining

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, our award-winning chefs prepare meals that balance flavor and nutrition. Depending on your palette, you can share a formal dinner in our Main Dining Room, satisfy your sweet tooth at the L&B Country store or grab a relaxed lunch at one of our other dining options. You will never grow tired of our unique menus.

Stay Fit and Healthy

If remaining active is one of your priorities, any one of our group exercise activities should fit the bill. Whether it’s cycling, walking the treadmill in our fitness centers or joining one of the many group exercise programs like Tai Chi for Balance, pole walking or Silver Sneakers®, exercising with others is one of the best ways to stay motivated and maintain a regular schedule of physical activity. Group exercise is also a great way to meet new people and create new friendships.

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Skip the Chores

Havenwood Heritage Heights is a maintenance-free community that offers a robust lineup of services and amenities. Without the stress of lawn care, housekeeping or laundry, you will have more time to do what makes you happy.
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Adventure Outside

New Hampshire is a beautiful backdrop for adventure. Because of this, you can participate in a long list of outdoor senior living activities at Havenwood Heritage Heights. When the leaves put on a dazzling display of color in autumn, join friends and neighbors for a healthy hike in the Concord area. Research shows that older adults who walk six hours or more per week are significantly less likely to die from cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory disease.

The HHH Hiking & Biking Club is a great way to spend some quality time outside with friends and neighbors. This group selects local hikes that are both easy and a little more challenging. The New Hampshire Rail Trails is a wonderful place for the Biking Club to get out and ride in a well-maintained area.

The Concord Hiking Trail System is a vast array of hiking opportunities for all levels of adventures. In addition, the more advanced hikers take to the mountains to do some harder hiking like Kearsarge Mountain, Whiteface and Rattlesnake.

Travel & Explore

Now is your time to experience all that the world has to offer. Why not travel? You can join any of the local travel clubs in Concord or participate in the many trips offered by our Programs Department.

Day trips occur weekly in the summer months that include museum tours, cruises, summer theater, luncheons at various restaurants and beach and mountain excursions to name just a few, allowing residents to hit the road with neighbors and friends rather than venturing solo.  New Hampshire offers endless opportunities.

The Annual Spring Trip has become an HHH tradition, which is a three-day adventure to destinations throughout New England which have included Cape Cod, The Berkshires, various Vermont locations, coastal Maine, Rangley, Maine and even Lake George.  All you have to is pack your bag, close your door and get on our comfortable 28 passenger bus.

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Get Creative

An active lifestyle in retirement is about more than exercise and nutrition—older adults must also nourish their minds. At our active adult senior community in Concord, many residents seek intellectual enrichment through the arts.

Drawing, for instance, is a great way for beginner artists to express their creativity. Studies suggest that drawing improves motor skills, alleviates pain and bolsters the immune system. Creative pursuits have also been shown to enhance memory in older adults. We provide residents with opportunities for various crafting that includes quilting, knitting, iris folding and more. Often times those that join our community offer to share their talents so others can learn a new skill.

Of course, some individuals prefer the literary arts. Joining a book club, sharing poetry or essays with friends or taking writing classes are all ways to keep the mind sharp. Research suggests that simply reading for 30 minutes a day can mitigate memory loss in older adults. Keeping a journal is also a great way to slow cognitive decline.

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Play With Friends

Games are not just for children. At Havenwood Heritage Heights, an active senior living lifestyle includes plenty in the way of group games and challenges. It might be a quick game of pickleball or shuffleboard at our state-of-the-art sports complex or a few rounds of cribbage. No matter the activity, you will appreciate the opportunity to laugh and relax with neighbors.

Joining fellow residents for a game of bridge, Mah Jongg, marble mania or various card games is a great way to keep your mind active. Science suggests that playing cards can combat depression, reduce stress, sharpen logical thinking and improve memory in older adults. One study even found that participating in leisure activities such as card games or bingo is associated with a reduced risk of dementia.

Important Information

Activity Safety Notice

We understand how important it is to balance the need for group activities with appropriate safety measures. Limiting the possible spread of infections like COVID-19, for instance, is a primary concern, which is why Havenwood Heritage Heights adapts all of our activities to prioritize the health and safety of our residents. This includes following physical distancing guidelines, sanitizing equipment and indoor spaces and staying abreast of the latest news so that we can adapt quickly to any future developments—whether they’re related to the coronavirus or something else entirely.