Fill your days with the activities you enjoy—or try something new

No matter what you love to do, count on meeting others who share your interests. Join in an adventure on day or overnight trips, both near and far. Travel with our ski club to a resort. Broaden your horizons in a discussion group. Practice your passion for singing or theatre with one of our many performance groups. If you love arts and crafts, hiking, biking, dancing or playing games, there is already a club here for you! Our residents are highly involved in committees that shape the life of our community and plan many activities along with our Programs Department.

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Outdoor Adventures

The great outdoors is a great place to get active and explore the beauty of nature. It makes sense, then, that our Concord senior living community provides a long list of riveting outdoor activities to enjoy. With four beautiful seasons to enjoy in beautiful New England, you’ll always find something new to do outside: on a trail, up a mountain or out on the water. 

Hiking is a great way to lower stress and improve well-being while simultaneously exercising the heart and getting cardiovascular exercise. The Concord area is surrounded by natural beauty and endless trails, and there’s no shortage of lush landscapes to explore.

Horseback riding is another favorite activity among our residents. The sport not only puts you alongside one of the most beautiful and majestic animals, but it’s also a great strength-building exercise. Even if you’ve never ridden before, consider this as a fun way to enjoy the fresh air and see Concord in a new way. 

For those who prefer an animal-free experience, any one of our Group exercise activities should fit the bill. Whether it’s cycling, tai chi or a quick yoga session, exercising with others is one of the best ways to stay motivated and maintain a regular schedule of physical activity. Beyond the physical activity, group exercise is also a great way to meet new people and create new friendships.

Outdoor adventuring isn’t limited to the land, though, and the waters of the nearby Merrimack River provide the perfect conditions to try a bit of kayaking. Drifting with the tides isn’t just a good way to clear your mind and chat with friends, it also gives you another opportunity to get closer to nature while enjoying some hearty aerobic exercise.

Then there are trip-oriented activities, like travel clubs for seniors. Instead of hitting the road solo, some find it more enjoyable to travel with friends. Travel clubs provide a fun opportunity to enjoy interesting trips with interesting company to destinations that fit the character of their participants.

The list goes on, of course. There’s plenty more fun and excitement to be had outside where that came from too, which is why we’re always looking to provide you with the very best that active senior living in Concord has to offer, all year round.

Creative Arts

Active retirement communities don’t just offer outlets for exercising the body, they also provide enrichment for the mind through pathways like the arts. 

Drawing and painting, for instance, are ways for people of any age to express their creativity – whether they’re lifelong artists or wanting to try something new. For seniors, though, the benefits of flexing those creative muscles is also therapeutic and engages the mind while building personal connections with others. Creating art has even been shown to enhance the memory.

Writing and poetry also provide a form of therapy all their own and provide yet another creative outlet. Whether you’re a long-time writer or a newbie, a poet or an aspiring autobiographer, taking part in writing classes and groups can offer a lot of satisfaction – and often, self-discovery. 

Carving, crafting, molding, sculpting, acting and more: we offer plenty of fun ways to engage the hands and mind. We love when residents try something new for the first time, and when they share their long-held hobbies and talents with us.

Group Games and Challenges

A healthy bit of competition can build hearty camaraderie. Senior living in New Hampshire has plenty to offer in the way of group games and challenges that get everybody working together and having a great time. 

It might be a gigantic group match of Twister. It could be a quick two-on-two match of pickleball. A few friendly rounds of a board game or cards are even possibilities. 

Friendly competition and sport are all part of the HHH package. We encourage our residents to participate in the types of challenges that will interest them and help them build long-lasting friendships.

Activity Safety Notice

We understand how important it is to balance the need for group activities with appropriate safety measures. Limiting the possible spread of infections like COVID-19, for instance, is a primary concern, which is why HHH adapts all of our activities to prioritize the health and safety of our residents. This includes following physical distancing guidelines, sanitizing equipment and indoor spaces, and staying abreast of the latest news so that we can adapt quickly to any future developments — whether they’re related to the coronavirus or something else entirely.