A Second Generation Story

In 1992, Myla Crouse’s mother, Esther Watson, and stepfather, Rev. Orin Watson, moved to Havenwood Heritage Heights because of its location and church affiliation.

The couple chose a one-bedroom cottage and participated in activities like choir, drama and auctions. Esther even crafted homemade gifts for the residents’ store while Orin officiated as a chaplain in the Health Services Center Chapel and sang in the choir at Wesley Methodist Church.

“They were very happy and remained at Heritage Heights until my mother had a stroke in 1995,” says Myla. “Although mom had personal services come into their cottage, they soon realized that taking care of mom was not something Orin could handle.”

With the help of caring staff members, Esther and Orin soon transferred to Havenwood-Heritage Heights. Orin stayed in an independent unit in the Lodge while Esther received care at the Health Services Center.

“This allowed Orin to visit my mom every day,” says Myla. “We continued to have family birthday parties and other holiday parties at Barrows and eventually in the sunroom of the Health Services Center. Mom passed away in 2005.”

Years later, as Myla and her husband, Rich, approached retirement age, they visited many communities where they lived in Texas. “But we always came back to Havenwood-Heritage Heights as our gold standard,” says Myla, who knew the continuing care retirement community would be a place where she and Rich could remain active. “We decided this was the best fit for us.”

Myla and Rich have lived at Havenwood-Heritage Heights for more than four years now. “We still feel this is the best community for us,” says Myla. “Of course, our long-term relationship with [the] staff and residents helps influence our decision to make this our home.”