Penny Thurston and Julie Runnells have been friends for many years and lived within walking distance of each other in Concord. While Penny was packing to move to Havenwood-Heritage Heights in February 2012, Julie visited and said, “Well, I’ll see you there in about three years!”.

Shortly thereafter, the perfect cottage for Julie became available and she moved only three months after Penny. “We had lived near each other before, and now we live near each other again,” says Julie.

In addition to knowing that Havenwood-Heritage Heights was the right place for them, Penny and Julie have much in common. They attend the same church and their husbands, both named Bob, passed away from cancer within a few years of each other. “We went through the same process, and Penny and I just bonded,” says Julie. “She’s such a marvelous person, and I think the world of her.”

Now that they live at Havenwood-Heritage Heights, they enjoy walking, yoga and going to the symphony and concerts together. They also go on hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing and day trips with a group in Concord called Always an Adventure. “We are always exploring and finding new things to do,” says Julie. Penny adds, “Julie is very adventuresome. She loves the outdoors; nature rejuvenates her. Although we’re good friends, we also welcome the adventure of including other people along the way.”

Julie and Penny both readily find the qualities they admire in each other—being positive, upbeat, supportive and caring—in others at Havenwood-Heritage Heights. “There is a wonderful camaraderie here; I haven’t met one unfriendly person,” Penny says with conviction. “Everyone is helpful and a joy to meet and get to know. There’s a wonderful atmosphere here—welcoming, warm, friendly, encouraging.”