Finding a Safe Place to Retire

Sara N. always knew a continuing care retirement community would be her “safe place.” Before retiring, she worked as a physical therapist in home and rehabilitative settings where she observed adult children struggling to care for their aging parents. Then, when her own dad was in his 60s, he developed Alzheimer’s.

“My folks got in trouble,” says Sara. “My mother was a wonderful caretaker, but after [my dad] died, she tried to live alone and was very unhappy. I decided that we were not going to do that.”

After selling their home in 2008, Sara and her husband moved to Havenwood-Heritage Heights. She considers herself fortunate that her husband, in his early 70s at the time, agreed to make the transition. “At first, he wasn’t familiar with that route,” says Sara. “But I felt very, very comfortable. I just knew in my heart [that] it [was] going to work, and it has. We’ve been very lucky.”