The Capital Region Food Program (CRFP) thanks Havenwood Heritage Heights (HHH) for it's many years of supporting the mission of the Capital Region Food Program. Because of individuals and organizations like Havenwood Heritage Heights, we have been able to successfully continue our efforts in fulfilling our mission to help reduce hunger in the Greater Concord Area through the distribution of food to individuals, families and local agencies.

Throughout the organization’s existence, the Holiday Food Basket Project has been synonymous with our mission. This project has brought together the community, created family and friend traditions and has distributed over 3,000 tons of food since its inception. As in the past, this time of year final preparations are underway for this wonderful project, but as we are all aware, the COVID-19 global pandemic has forced us to rethink how we will be executing the project in 2020.

Thanks again to the residents and staff at Havenwood Heritage Heights for your generosity.

Update: December 23rd 2020


On the left accepting the $13 thousand plus dollar donation from HHH for CRFP is Dr. Maria Manus Painchaud. On the right is HHH CEO Micheal Palmieri.