Short-Term Rehabilitation in Concord

For a Record-Breaking Recovery Time

When it comes to short-term rehabilitation services for our residents, it’s all hands on deck.

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, we take a team-centered approach to rehabilitation, from the physicians and skilled nurses who oversee your short stay care to the rehabilitation specialists providing 24-7 support. Our multi-disciplinary team members work together seamlessly to help you quickly regain your independence — and get back home — after an injury, surgery or illness.

When residents at Havenwood Heritage Heights need rehabilitation, they turn to our Health Services Center for a temporary stay. In the Health Services Center, our mission is to keep you comfortable and your spirits high. You’ll enjoy either a private or semi-private room with a variety of services and amenities that make you feel right at home.

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What is Short-Term Rehabilitation?

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, our short-term rehabilitation program offers skilled nursing services and therapeutic services that are designed to maximize physical and cognitive abilities with the goal of restoring lost functional capacity. In many cases, short-term rehabilitation bridges the gap from hospital to home, helping older adults heal comfortably and safely.

Your doctor may recommend short-term rehabilitation if, for example, you need cardiac care because of heart failure after a prolonged infection. From the moment you arrive at our Health Services Center, we are working to get you back to doing what you love most by offering 24-hour medical care and a variety of individualized therapies.

Our Rehabilitation Team in Concord, NH

Our Health Services Center provides the perfect setting for short-term rehabilitation services in Concord. During your short-term rehabilitation stay, you’ll benefit from superb care provided by skilled staff who are among the best in Concord. Our team includes:

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists
  • Physicians and Nurse Practitioners
  • Skilled nurses and nursing assistants
  • Social workers, care management specialists and Pastoral Care
  • Full-time dietician

Rehabilitation Services

To help you heal quickly, you’ll receive an individualized rehabilitation plan. Designed with your care needs in mind, this program will incorporate a variety of therapies including:

Physical therapy

Therapy may include evaluation and treatment aimed at deficits in abilities that include transferring on and off surfaces such as beds and chairs, mobility including walking, strength, coordination, balance and vestibular systems, and endurance for daily mobility; fall risk identification and prevention; non-invasive urinary incontinence retraining; pain management; and lymphedema therapy.

Occupational therapy

Therapy may include evaluations and treatment for individuals experiencing a decline in their functional abilities such as eating, bathing, dressing, and meal preparation. Functional cognitive assessments also help with evaluating strengths and weaknesses in abilities such as financial management, medication management, and household management. Additional areas of treatment may include splinting, positioning, pressure relief, urinary incontinence treatment, and pain management.

Intravenous therapy

Intravenous therapy, or IV therapy, is a medical technique that delivers medicine, fluids and nutrition to patients who are suffering from problems like dehydration or vitamin deficiency.

Speech therapy

A Speech-Language Pathologist performs evaluations and treatment to individuals experiencing difficulties with dysphagia/swallowing difficulties, and cognitive-communication which includes speech and/or communication abilities as well as your brain’s role and function in communication and executive function skills.

Who Needs Short-Term Rehabilitation?

You may turn to short-term rehabilitation if you are ready to leave the hospital after an injury, illness or surgery, but don’t feel completely comfortable resuming your normal routine. In these cases, our Health Services Center provides the highest level of quality care in a comfortable environment, ensuring that patients can safely return home. Your medical provider may also recommend short-term rehabilitation after a stroke, cardiac event, prolonged illness or orthopedic surgery. However, it is important to note that Medicare will only cover the cost of short-term rehabilitation after an inpatient stay of at least three consecutive days with a qualifying diagnosis.

Cost of Short-Term Rehabilitation

The cost of short-term rehabilitation can be intimidating. However, how much you pay out-of-pocket depends on medication costs, therapy charges and other individual circumstances. At Havenwood Heritage Heights, you can expect to pay set rate for a semi-private room or private room.

These rates vary based on the floor; 1st floor semi private is $321 per day, private $371 per day and renovated private $391 per day.  On Melody Lane the rates are; semi private $332 and private $384. This flat fee affords access to a variety of amenities and services including dining options, housekeeping, security, events and activities, specialized care and more.   

It is important to remember that insurance coverage will influence cost. If you transition to short-term rehabilitation after a qualifying hospital stay, your coverage will depend on your need for continued skilled nursing services.

We Get You Healthy and Back Home Quickly

With the attention of our skilled team dedicated to your full and speedy recovery, you may not spend long in our short-term rehabilitation program. But during your time in our Health Services Center, you will receive individual attention tailored to your specific needs and to promoting your fastest possible recovery.

Our goal is for you to build the strength you’ll need to return to your independent, active life. However, if you find you need additional care after your recovery, we also offer independent living, memory care, assisted living and skilled nursing on our campus. If this need arises, please reach out to our Marketing team.

To learn more about the personalized, attentive and efficient care our residents receive through our short-term rehabilitation program, please contact us today.

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Rehabilitation Frequently Asked Questions

What services are provided in your rehabilitation program?

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, the services within our short-term rehabilitation program for post-acute needs include: medication management, continence care, physical and occupational therapies, staffed nursing 24/7, speech therapy, meals and nutritional monitoring along with and intravenous therapies. Residents within our rehabilitation program are also able to partake in stimulating activities and social interaction as they recover.

What should I bring to short-term rehabilitation?

Our Health Services Center understands that the transition to short-term rehabilitation can be intimidating. To help you feel more comfortable during your stay, we suggest packing: footwear with non-slip soles like sneakers; personal care items and toiletries; comfortable pajamas; loose-fitting clothing; crossword puzzles, books and other entertainment; and a favorite pillow or blanket. If you have any additional questions about what to bring, don’t hesitate to ask.

How long is short-term rehabilitation?

Most patients stay in short-term rehabilitation for two to four weeks; however, the exact duration of your stay depends on your condition. Medical professionals at our Health Services Center will work with you and your physician to determine when you can return home. 

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