Concord Assisted Living Care

Assisted living at Havenwood Heritage Heights is all about choice.

Residents of Havenwood Heritage Heights have peace of mind knowing that assisted living care is available should they need it at any time. As a level of our continuum of care, assisted living is perfect for residents who value being as independent as possible, but need help with daily activities and chores. Our assisted living community also offers a variety of services and amenities.


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What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a type of continued care for seniors who have difficulty completing daily tasks such as dressing, bathing and eating by themselves. Staff members within an assisted living community are professionally trained to help residents complete their daily activities.

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, assisted living residents are provided with all the support they could possibly need, from medication management to housekeeping. However, individuals are encouraged to maintain as much independence as possible. Like those living in our independent living community, assisted living residents can participate in campus events and activities and enjoy amenities like swimming pools, walking trails and more. 

assisted living residents eating outside

Life at Our Concord Assisted Living Community

Carefree—that’s how so many residents describe life at our Concord assisted living community. When you choose Havenwood Heritage Heights, you are choosing to forgo the stress of homeownership and instead enjoy all-inclusive services, world-class amenities and a care plan that is personalized for the level of support that you need.

Assisted Living Services & Amenities

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, we offer a variety of amenities so that our assisted living residents can engage in personal passions, relax in solitude, enjoy the fresh air and reach their health and wellness goals.

Since breakfast, lunch and dinner are included with your residence, you’ll choose from delicious dishes prepared by talented chefs and be served in our dining room. 

We offer Main Street at your fingertips, a fully-equipped fitness center, a movie theater with comfy chairs and more. Our thoughtful amenities offer new experiences to help residents embrace an engaged lifestyle.

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Our Concord Assisted Living Facilities

The Lodge Assisted Living residences include charming one and two-room lodge accommodations that you can truly make your own. We also offer a second venue for assisted living in our Health Services Center.

All of the support, social activities and dining options you could need are literally right at your doorstep. We’ll also handle all of the cleaning, laundry and transportation so that you have more time to enjoy your new home. 

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Cost of Assisted Living in Concord, NH

Price is an important consideration when older adults begin researching assisted living communities. At Havenwood Heritage Heights, we value transparency and believe residents and their families should be informed about the costs of assisted living and the factors influencing it.

Comparing Assisted Living Communities 

Havenwood Heritage Heights is within financial reach. Our assisted living prices are below the average cost of assisted living in Concord, New Hampshire, which can be as expensive as $7,000 per month. 

Comparatively, a one-room apartment in our assisted living community starts at $4,030 while a two-room apartment for a couple starts at $6,935. We offer a range of layouts to accommodate different budgets and to ensure you can comfortably retire in the vibrant city of Concord. 

What Is Included in the Price of Assisted Living?

The true value of an assisted living community is simplicity. When you choose an all-inclusive community like Havenwood Heritage Heights, you simplify your lifestyle. As an assisted living resident, everything you need will be included in one monthly charge.

Our assisted living residents are provided with a wide spectrum of support. Trained and compassionate staff help residents accomplish activities of daily living like bathing, dressing and eating. These professionals are available 24/7, should a medical emergency occur. 

The monthly charge also affords access to a maintenance-free lifestyle. Members enjoy deliciously prepared meals, housekeeping, lawn maintenance, laundry services and more. Spending less time on mundane chores means you can spend more time enjoying the campus movie theater, swimming pool, cultural arts center and walking trails. 

The Cost of Assisted Living vs. Homeownership

Remaining in your current home is not inexpensive. In New Hampshire, for instance, the average mortgage is nearly $2,000. This recurring expense doesn’t include home maintenance, insurance or taxes. It also doesn’t include the cost of paying for in-home care or renovations that may be needed to improve accessibility. 

When compared to homeownership, assisted living is very cost-effective. Plus, there’s value in community. Nearly 40 percent of seniors report being lonely, according to a recent study. Living in a group setting combats feelings of isolation, allowing you to develop strong bonds with like-minded individuals. 

Our Concord Assisted Living Staff

An assisted living community is only as good as the caregivers who work there. At Havenwood Heritage Heights, our highly qualified team includes board-certified physicians, social workers, physical therapists, experienced nurses and other professionals. 

We treat our staff like family, so they treat you like family. We only work with caregivers who love what they do and share our commitment to providing quality care. This feeling of community among residents and staff at Havenwood Heritage Heights is what sets us apart from other assisted living facilities in Concord.

assisted living staff members

When Is It Time for Assisted Living?

Knowing when to transition to an assisted living community can be difficult. Some individuals wait until a major life event, like a spouse’s death or a medical emergency, compromises their ability to live independently. However, if you find it difficult to maintain your home, get ready for the day or drive to medical appointments, now may be the right time to move to assisted living. 

Our assisted living community in Concord is designed to provide residents with the support they need while helping them maintain their independence. From dining options to housekeeping, our assisted living community provides a variety of convenient amenities and social opportunities to keep residents happy, healthy and engaged.

The Importance of Family at Havenwood Heritage Heights

Many older adults fear that friends and family won’t be able to visit them once they move to an assisted living community. This couldn’t be further from the truth. At Havenwood Heritage Heights, we encourage loved ones to stop by as often as they’d like. In fact, residents can rent on-campus spaces and enlist the services of Tuxedo Penguin Caterers, our in-house team of professional chefs, to host family events. 

Future Care Options

As a continuing care retirement community, or CCRC, Havenwood Heritage Heights provides a full spectrum of care. That means if your needs ever change, you can easily transition to skilled nursing, short-term rehabilitation or memory care. Knowing you will always be taken care of, no matter what happens in the future, affords immense peace of mind.     

Assisted Living FAQs

What is the difference between assisted living communities and nursing homes?

Assisted living communities and nursing homes are not one and the same. Assisted living communities are designed for older adults who need help completing daily activities but who are otherwise self-sufficient. Comparatively, nursing homes are for people who need specialized, round-the-clock medical care.

How do I move my parents to an assisted living community?

It can be challenging to breach the topic of assisted living with your parents. They may not recognize that they need daily support. We recommend you begin by proactively researching housing options, exploring which senior living community would best suit their needs. We also recommend building a support system of friends and family members. 

What does assisted living provide?

At Havenwood Heritage Heights, our assisted living community provides a wide range of support services. Our staff are available 24/7 to help residents complete activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, taking medications and more. Residents are also offered three meals a day, housekeeping, laundry services and access to luxurious amenities.