Love and romance will continue to blossom as you enjoy your golden years. However, you may grow tired of the same old “dinner and a movie” typical date night. Whether it’s your first date or fiftieth anniversary, these fun dates will keep you both entertained from start to finish.

Plan a Picnic

When the weather turns nice, avoid stuffy overpriced restaurants. Take your cuisine to a new picnic spot that is both private and quiet. Bring an oversized blanket and pack your date’s favorite foods. Keep it sweet and simple with sandwiches, fruit, cheese, crackers and a bottle of wine. A few idyllic picnic spots to keep in mind nearby Concord include Northwood Meadows, Pawtuckaway and Elm Brook.

Meet for Tea

Coffee house dates are common, but they don’t always lead to romance. Many coffee houses are overcrowded and noisy which makes it difficult to carry on a meaningful conversation. Teahouses have a calmer, more relaxing atmosphere. A teahouse is the perfect spot for a casual day date.

Cook Together

Taking a couple’s cooking lesson is a fun and romantic date night idea for seniors. Kitchen stores and local restaurants typically post schedules for upcoming classes you can sign up for as a couple. During the lesson, chefs provide all of the supplies, teach you how to prepare the meal and then conclude the lesson with you enjoying the cuisine.


If you and your date are the outdoorsy types, then plan a hike nearby when the weather is mild. Don’t look for a challenging hiking spot; you don’t want a cardio workout when you’re just looking to spend some time with your loved one. Scope out the hiking spot beforehand and make sure there’s no treacherous terrain. Also, check for any romantic spots that could make the idea pit stop on your hike.

Attend a Wine Tasting

Wine tastings are a great way to sample new wines from local vineyards. You and your date can learn a thing or two about wine and maybe finally be able to discern the difference between a $5 Merlot and a $500 version. Choose a winery that also offers cheese platters and maybe also gives the chance to tour the vines as you sip. Check out a winery event calendar too since you may find a night where entertainment is offered like live music. New Hampshire has thriving wineries in Webster, Gilmanton and Salisbury.

Go Dancing

You can choose to either take a dancing class or simply find a venue with a dancing theme night. For instance, a local watering hole may have a country line dancing event. Don’t feel shy if you’re not an experienced dancer. Many venues are very open to dancers at all levels including beginners who feel like they have two left feet. If you’re looking for something a little more sensual, consider learning how to tango with your date.

Double Up

If you haven’t gone on a date in a while, the experience could feel stressful. Take away some of the anxiety by planning a group date night. Invite one or more couples along to take some of the pressure off. Go out to eat or do an activity as a group such as bowling or dancing.

Go to a Jazz Night

Rock and country concerts don’t exactly scream romance. To get your date in the mood for love, then go out to a jazz club. Jazz clubs have low lights and a very laidback vive. Even if you’ve never been a fan of jazz, try it out to see if you may have found a new genre of music to enjoy.

Look to the Stars

A nighttime stargazing excursion just screams romance. Check astronomy calendars to see what you could expect to view up in the sky. If the weather is not right or you don’t live in a prime spot for stargazing, then head to a local planetarium. As soon as the lights turn off and you hold hands, you’ll feel the romance in the air.

Stay Local

You don’t have to go far for a date. Become a hometown tourist for the day and visit spots that you have taken for granted. A few Concord attractions to visit include Carter Hill Orchards, Red River Theatres and McLane Audubon Center. You could even check into a nearby hotel for a night just to change things up. Getting out of your normal routine can rev up your romance in no time. Havenwood Heritage Heights is an award-winning continuing care retirement community in beautiful Concord, New Hampshire. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour of our welcoming community.