The 2nd Annual Iron Chef Concord event is coming up on Thursday, April 7th, and Havenwood Heritage Heights is ready to defend our title!  Last year, our very own Chef Jason Seavey took home the title of Iron Chef Concord by dazzling the judges’ palettes, just as he does every day for the residents of Havenwood Heritage Heights.

Jason Seavey Iron Chef Concord

At the 2015 Iron Chef Concord event last year, Chef Seavey went toe to toe with talented Executive Chefs from The Birches at Concord and Granite Ledges of Concord, and was judged by an impressive panel of restaurateurs, chefs, and renown “foodies” from the Concord area.

The chefs were challenged to create unique and delicious culinary creations prepared with chocolate and paired with each chef’s choice of red wine.  The audience and judges watched on as the three competitors worked their magic.  As an extra treat, the audience was able to try samplings of each Chef’s menu selections and vote for their favorite.  You guessed it—our Chef Jason Seavey brought home the “People’s Choice Award” as well!

This year Havenwood Heritage Heights will be hosting the event at one of our favorite locations— Tad’s Place on our Heritage Heights campus. Chef Jason will try to hold his title as he competes with Executive Chefs from The Birches at Concord and popular restaurant, The Common Man.

If last year’s theme was sweet, this year’s appears to be savory.  The official theme for Iron Chef Concord 2016 is “Granite State Farm to Table.” The Chefs will need to create a dish with three main ingredients: venison, local honey and local NH produce.  Each dish will be paired with the chef’s choice of accompanying white wine, and each Chef will have 30 minutes to prepare their dish.

We talked to Chef Seavey and he's raring (or should we say "medium-raring") to go!  His knives are sharpened, his ambitions are high, and as always, he’s ready for any culinary challenge thrown his way.

The residents and staff at Havenwood Heritage Heights who were lucky enough to get their hands on Iron Chef Concord tickets can’t wait to attend on April 7th. Not only is the event a wonderful time for attendees, but all of the proceeds of Iron Chef Concord will benefit GoodLife Programs & Activities at Centennial Senior Center.  Win or lose, we’re proud to have such a wonderful, talented Executive Chef preparing our meals.

Go get em’ Chef Jason!