decorating-assisted-living There’s a common misconception that a move to an assisted living apartment will no longer feel like home. In fact, with only a few small decorating tips, you can transform the space into a home where you can continue to create happy memories. Enlist family members to help with the decorating and by the end of the process, you’ll feel comfortable and loved. Make a List Take inventory of the space and make a list of items you’d like to buy to decorate the apartment. Go room to room and pick a theme to incorporate. Choosing a theme gives you a jumping off point as you settle on decor items. For instance, if you want a seaside theme for your bathroom, you may want to include on your list: Showcase Family Photos One of the first things to unpack at your new apartment is your collection of framed family photos. Hanging pictures of loved ones on your walls adds instant personalization to your new home. Plus, your family members will feel touched when they visit and see their photos displayed prominently in your new home. Buy a New Piece of Furniture  Even if you downsized as part of your move to the new apartment, you should still pick a new piece of furniture to add to the space. Think about a furniture item you’ve always wanted, but never owned. Have you always wanted a chaise lounge? Or maybe you always wanted to own a rustic style coffee table? Purchasing a new item makes the new space feel like your own. Recreate a Favorite Room Although buying a few new items for your new home is nice, you may also decide to keep a few favorites. For instance, if you absolutely adored the knick-knacks and décor items from your former kitchen, move them into the new space. Being around the familiar could help with the transition. Comfortable Chairs Make an assisted living apartment the ideal place for visitors to come and stay for a long chat. You want enough seats to entertain both visiting family members and any new friends you make within the community. Concentrate most of your decorating efforts on the kitchen and living room so you feel like a good host or hostess. Versatile Storage A smaller living area doesn’t mean you have to chuck mementos you have collected over the years. Instead, your goal is to find creative ways to decorate the apartment without adding too much clutter. To achieve this, find décor pieces that double as storage. For instance, add a trunk to the base of your bed. Place an ottoman in the center of your living room. These items not only look great and remove clutter, but they also help make sure the rooms stay accessible. Go Overboard with Bedding Don’t play it safe when decorating the bedroom. Fun and decorative quilts can add a lot of style to the bedroom. Look for bedding with unique and colorful patterns. Add even more of your own personal taste with bright pillows and a soft, textured throw blanket. Fun and Bright Colors Room color has a direct effect on the overall feel of a room. Consider a cheerful yellow for the kitchen or a vibrant green for the dining room. For the bedroom, you can do subtler shades like a light blue to promote a sensation of calmness. If you use more neutral colors when painting, consider adding a few brightly colored accent items to breathe life into the space. Get Some Green Houseplants are a great addition to an assisted living apartment. Many residents find enjoyment in caring for indoor plants and watching them grow. Some plants like Gerber daisies even help improve air quality. If you rather not keep up with the maintenance, many artificial plants have a very authentic look to them. Create a “Me” Corner Set up an area of your apartment that allows for the pursuit of one of your hobbies. It could be as simple as adding a game table to the space or as involved as outfitting an entire room with all of your crafting materials. This type of area also staves off boredom and prevents spending too much time in front of the television. Havenwood Heritage Heights is a continuing care retirement community that will help you begin a new chapter in your story. Our goal is to offer a safe and fun environment where seniors will thrive. Our stylish apartments are the perfect blank canvas to add your own personal touches. Give a call today at 1-800-457-6833 to find out more about our retirement communities in the Concord, New Hampshire area.